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About Us

Lawyers Without Borders aims to promote rule of law around the world, especially in underdeveloped countries. This is conducted through research projects, coordinating with local and regional NGOs, leveraging and promoting pro bono service, and supporting regional transitions and developmental work aimed at protecting human rights.


Our job starts with understanding the world around us: What are the problems people face? Where do their origins lie? Do they have resources to combat them?
How can we help?

Providing Pro Bono Service

through research, advocacy, panels, interviews, and more.

How it Works

Each quarter, we focus on a different area for growth:

Fall Edition: Research, Research, Research
Research legal disparities and human rights abuses. This is then passed on to volunteer layers, judges, and law students working aboard to bring sustainable development and human prosperity.

Winter Edition: How to Become Lawyers 101
Participate in conferences, law panels, and interviews with T14 law school admissions officers and current law students. Receive insight into how to land a spot at a top law school as well as how to make a meaningful impact with a degree in law.

Spring Edition: Debate Society
Present nuanced debates about some of the world’s most perssing issues alongside student peers, Professors, activists, NGOs, and more!

Our Members

Our membership is contingent on students meaningfully contributing to our mission. As such, each member has gained substantial skills in research, writing, debating, and critically analyzing and contextualizing complex information.

Our Members at a Glance


team members, across all years including graduates

from 5

different universities, including University
of Melbourne, European University Viadrina
, & King’s College London


different majors among the humanities, arts, and sciences


memberships in professional societies and campus clubs

from 13

different countries, at least one from each continent

Our Job

LWOB-UCLA seeks to provide well-rounded analyses of the world. To do so, we educate our members on the history of each region we provide advocacy work for, how states interact, the role of international governing bodies, and how respect to sovereignty varies across platforms. By leveraging cultural factors, the impact of globalization, and historical legacies, our members approach each task with a fundamental understanding of the architecture of world affairs.

World in Numbers


refugees worldwide


active terrorist organizations

40.3 million

victims of human trafficking

Over 40

ongoing wars

780 million

without access to an improved water source


child soldiers


genocides since 1941

36 %

of the world lives in absolute poverty


“May your curse in life be that your hard work is constantly mistaken for talent.”

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